Sally Jane Rowley

October 20, 1931


May 14, 2020

This is Sally Jane Rowley a woman of principles. In 1961 Sally joined the Mississippi Freedom Rides. She was on a Greyhound Bus from Nashville Tennessee to Jackson Mississippi when she was arrested and sentenced to 6 months in the Parhcman State Penitentiary because she was attempting to fight for civil rights in the the south. When asked where she found the courage to be a Freedom Rider she was quoted as saying :”Given the injustice I saw happening in this country, how could I not?” She was a mother of two children and partner to painter Felix Pasilis in later years.

She was bold, compassionate and a woman who stood for the principle of equal justice under the law for everyone even at the cost of her safety and freedom.

She became one of the victims of Covid-19 this past week May 14th, 2020, alone in the adult care facility where she lived that was on lock down due to Covid -19.

I hope we stop just talking about numbers and start talking about people. Because in the end its not about money, politics, or anything else. Life is about relationships, how we care for one another, what we do for one another, and standing for what is for the common good for all creation.
Gracious God grant unto Your daughter Sally eternal rest, let light perpetual shine upon her and may she rest in peace.