Dr. James A. Mahoney


April 22, 2020

I will always remember his warm smile, regardless of what hour of the day it was, or how complicated our patients may have been. He truly was the epitome of a compassionate physician and set an example for us all. I cannot imagine our hospitals without him, and those of us who were lucky enough to work with him will forever feel his absence.

He had a heart of gold and did not know how to say no to anyone. Even patients who approached him and asked for a donation to their various fundraising events, he Never said No. Everyone had access to him, especially his patients. He was also very supportive of his house-staff and fellows, and he had a nickname for each one.

He had a lot of advice to give, whether or not you were ready for it. One of the more memorable sayings that he offered each trainee who worked with him over the years was, “Whenever putting a central line into a patient, don’t you ever let go of the guidewire.” Everyone who interacted with him has fond memories.

What made Charlie happy? Boat cruises And Casinos!!! He looked forward with great anticipation each year to his family cruise. He loved cruising so much, that there was a sign in his private practice office that read, “Attention All Patients: No discussions about cruises while seeing the doctor unless medically related?” Whenever he spent too much time with a patient, his staff knew that the topic of conversation had turned to cruises. They would then politely knock on the door as a gentle reminder to move on to the next patient.

Charlie will always be remembered by his kindness, professional acumen/attitude, calm demeanor, and dedication to his family and patients. He is indeed the embodiment of ‘Humanism in Medicine’ in its finest form.




Healthcare Professional

Dr. James A. Mahoney was a physician for nearly 40 years. Most recently he worked days at an intensive care unit at University Hospital of Brooklyn, and nights at Kings County Hospital Center